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   Axial Lead Former (Axial components) >> Axial Lead Forming Machine [F Type] - Vertical Mount/ stand on PCB

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   Product No. :  RF-101FB 
  • FB type, targets for TAPED parts fed by Feeding GUIDES.
  • RF-101FB, forms and kinks leads into Vertical/long U shape with kinks on leads.
  • Tailored / Custome die is available for any forming specification. Welcome to email drawing for our best solution for you.
  • [Optional Accessory] Lead-supporter device ( Pressure relief) : When bending the components leads, the supporters hold the lead to prevent from damage.
  • Ready-to-use setup - customers can use the machine right after receipt of it
  • OEM, DIP, PCBA Insertion line's most helpful equipment!
  • Never damage component leads or components body.
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