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   Radial Lead Former (Radial Components) >> Loose Type Radial Lead Forming Machine.

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   Product No. :  CF-408 
  • Procedure: Feed, hold, form, cut, finish and retreat materials automatically at a time.Die and module are customized upon drawing with specification.
  • Function set up: Count during production. Packing directly after finished (Optional accessory)
  • Range: Any stand-up materials that can align in a line can be formed automatically. Apply for wide range of parts, it is a powerful machine.
  • Forming type: Straight, inward kinks, outward kinks, opposite kink, 90-degree bend and special forming. shape can be tailored according to drawing or samples.
  • Feeder: CF-408 uses single feeder. CF-1013 & CF-1620 use twin feeders.
  • Transmission: Cams and air cylinder operate accurately, stably and durably. Standardized spare parts are easy to change .
  • Electronic system: Computerized control panel and powerful function are helpful.Speed control is stepless frequency.


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