Soldering Machine
        Round Soldering Pot -- Basic >> Product No. : SP-40B  


  • Thermostable and Anticorrosion pot, made by high-heat-treated cast iron.
  • Compact size is suitable on working table.
  • Two-step thermal control: (H) High and (L) Low temperature.
  • Easy operation and maintenance.
  • Fit to small factory or work house.
  • Application: high-temperature wire, electronic component, enameled wire.
  • For small soldering productivity.

  • Power: 110V/220V AC.60/50Hz
  • Temperature: 420~480 degrees in Celcius
  • SP-40B: Pot diameter at 40 cm, 120~150W
  • SP-60B: Pot diameter at 60 cm, 250~300W
  • SP-80B: Pot diameter at 80 cm, 350~400W
  • SP-100B: Pot diameter at 100 cm, 450~500W
  • Pot's depth: 40 mm