Axial Lead Former (Axial components)
        Manual Taped Axial Lead Forming Machine ( Motivate by hand crank) >> Product No. : HRFT-301FK


  • FK type, is specilized for kinks on lead to vertically stand on PCB.
  • Kinking die is equipped upon requested spec.
  • Never damage components leads or body.
  • Heavy duty construction- Sustainable lifespan.
  • Bench-top / Desktop equipment is suitable for limited space.
  • Simple operation- No die or tool require. Easy maintenance- Use the machine right after recept!

  • Dimension: 430(L) x300(W) x 280 (H) mm
  • Weight: 8kgs (N.W.); 9 kgs (G.W.)
  • Heavy duty construction- Durable lifespan.
  • Measurement tool (E63) is optional accessory.