Axial Lead Former (Axial components)
        Manual Taped Axial Lead Forming Machine ( Motivate by hand crank) >> Product No. : HRFT-301U


  • HRFT-301 lead former/cutter offers economical solution for companies whose assemblies in axial outlook.
  • Taped axial lead formers process up to 60,000 / hour without any stress on your parts. Never damage leads or components.
  • Models are available for standard, slim, and vertical lead forming. Please refer to the bottom picture.
  • HRFT-301 machines are easy to setup with simple adjustments for component pitch, and cut length.
  • Bench-top / Desktop equipment is suitable for limited space.
  • Independent rotary disc cutters withr longer cutting life.
  • Easy maintanance and simple operation is your best choice.

  • Heavy duty construction- Durable lifespan.
  • Easy maintenance- Lubricate the toothweel periodically.
  • Simple operation- Rotate hand crank.
  • Dimension: 430(L) x300(W) x 280 (H) mm
  • Weight: N.W.- 8kgs; G.W.- 9 kgs
  • Measurement Tool (Part no. E63) is optaion accessory!!
  • Please review the attached PDF for reference.