Axial Lead Former (Axial components)
        Axial Lead Former [ C Type] --- Punching lead wire >> Product No. : RF-101C


  • RF-101C = (RF-101CA) + (RF-101CB)
  • RF-101C Kinking/ Punching die is equipped upon requested shape and specification as standard equipment. The various punching specification is available with customized die set, offering wide rage application.
  • Tailored / Custome die is available for any forming specification. Welcome to email drawing for our best solution for you.
  • [Optional Accessory] Lead-supporter device ( Pressure relief) : When bending the components leads, the supporters hold the lead to prevent from damage.
  • Heavy duty and Powerful construction- Sustainable lifespan.
  • Ready-to-use setup - customers can use the machine right after receipt of RF-101C
  • RF-101C, Never damages lcomponent leads or components body.

  • Power: 110/220 V AC. 60/50HZ, upon your country.
  • Size: 1050(L), 600(W), 650(H) mm
  • Weight: 115 kgs (N.W.) 175 kgs (G.W.)
  • Performance: Min. 6,600 pieces / hour
  • Volume of Vibrant Bowl Feeder: 300~ 500 pieces at a time, depends on component's body.
  • RF-101-C ---For both LOOSE and TAPE packed components.