Axial Lead Former (Axial components)
        Motorized Taped Axial Lead Cutting Machine >> Product No. : RFT-201L


  • Easy Maintenance, simple operation and suitable for using on limited space.
  • No training required on lead cutter.
  • Excellent Lead Cutting performance for resistor and diode.
  • Capacity is up to 84,000 pcs / hour
  • Low capital invest economy solution for massive production.
  • Durable and high turn-over rate to save labor cost.
  • Tailor Make is available!

  • Power: 110/220 V AC. 60/50HZ
  • Dimension: 520(L), 380(W), 300(H) mm
  • Capability: 84,000pcs/Per hour
  • After-cut Lead Length is adjustable : 2 - 26 mm / one side