Axial Lead Former (Axial components)
        Taped Axial Lead Former & Cutter [S- Slim type, narrow shoulder and small pitch] >> Product No. : RFT-201S


  • RFT-201S series lead forming/cutters offers economical solutions for companies whose assemblies include axial components.
  • Cutting and bending in one step. Relaed parameters are adjustable. ( Lead lenght, pitch)
  • Independent rotary disc cutters for longer cutting life.
  • Heavy duty and Powerful construction- Sustainable lifespan.
  • Bench-top / Desktop equipment is suitable for limited space.
  • OEM, DIP, PCBA Insertion line's most helpful equipment!
  • Never damage lcomponent leads or components body.

  • Power: 110/220 V AC. 60/50HZ, upon your country.
  • Size: 500(L), 380(W), 300(H) mm
  • Weight: (N.W.) 22 Kgs. (G.W. ) 25 Kgs
  • Performance: Min. 3,500 pieces / hour
  • RFT-201-S, slim(S) pitch starting at 5 mm.