Axial Lead Former (Axial components)
        Hand-crank Taped Axial Lead Former (S Type --- Slim, narrow shoulder and small pitch) >> Product No. : RT-80S


  • RT-80S, Lead Former targets for smaller pitch component.
  • Changeovers and setups are simple and fast. Thank to no tooling required pitch and lead length adjustment.
  • Never damage components leads or body.
  • Lead-supporter device ( Pressure relief) : When bending the components leads, the supporters hold the lead to prevent from damage.
  • Independent rotary disc cutters for longer cutting life.
  • Smaller components: like 1/2W, 1/4W resistor are suitable for it.

  • Dimensions: 380L x 180W x 210H mm
  • Weight: 8kgs (N.W.); 9 kgs (G.W.)
  • Simple operation- Rotate hand crank. Production rates: Taped 60,000 pcs/hr ( Depends on operator)
  • RT-80S, RT-82S, RT-86S, RT-90S slim lead (S type)