Axial Lead Former (Axial components)
        Axial Lead Former ---Motorized taped & loose axial lead former with bowl feeder (F Type --- vertical bend) >> Product No. : RT-90F


  • RT-8X Series Lead Formers--Rugged axial lead formers with rotary disc cutters offer no-tools-required setups and changeovers
  • Changeovers and setups are simple and fast thanks to no tooling required pitch and lead length adjustments.
  • RT-8X series of axial lead formers do not score or damage component leads, nor do they place mechanical stress or axial tension on the components.
  • Heavy duty construction, full adjustable for lead spacing, leads length, part diameter, and shoulder length.
  • Independent rotary disc cutters for longer cutting life.
  • Won't score or damage leads or components.

  • Power: 110V/220V AC.60/50Hz
  • Dimension: 600(L) x 590(W) x440(H)
  • Weight: 60kgs
  • Production rates: Taped 40,000 pcs/hr, Loose 9,000 pcs/hr
  • RT-80S, RT-82S, RT-86S, RT-90S ----Slim lead (S type)
  • RT-82W, RT-86W, RT-90W ----Heavy duty (W type)
  • RT-80F, RT-82F, RT-86F, RT-90F ----Vertical forming (F type)