Radial Lead Former (Radial Components)
        Loose Radial Lead Bending & Cutting Machine >> Product No. : CF-360LX


  • Linear vibrant feeding and easy operation.
  • LED, crystal transistor, caps, any components that can stand upright are suitable
  • Two steps: Cut and Bend into 90 degree. (1) Adjust to wishful length (2) Bending (3) Cutting.
  • Cutting and bending apparatus can work separatedly and independently.
  • Good for various 90-degree bend to save die cost. No need to interchange.

  • Power: 110/220 V AC. 60/50HZ, upon your country.
  • Dimension: 520mm (L), 500mm(W), 470mm(H)
  • Weight: (N.W.) 38 Kgs. (G.W. ) 42 Kgs