PCB V-cut Depaneling Machine
        V-CUT PCB Depaneling Machine >> Product No. : NTG-11


  • Agree with all kinds of PCB with V-cut.
  • Adjustable Speed from 0 to 70 R.P.M.
  • Reduce chaps from SMT soldering spots.
  • This PCB moving separation is suitable for twin-board or large number.
  • Limit components below the PCB to 20mm, 2mm to V-cut.
  • Limit component upon the PCB to 20mm, 2mm to V-Cut.

  • PowerĄG AC 110V or 220V
  • Blade rolling speedĄG0~70 R.P.M
  • WeightĄG 35kg
  • DimensionĄG(L) 570mm x (W) 270mm x (H) 420mm
  • PCB thickness range: 0.6-2.0mm
  • The max length of PCB: 320mm