PCB V-cut Depaneling Machine
        Blade-moving type PCB Depaneling Machine >> Product No. : NTG-20


  • Suitable for all V-CUT PC board. Be able to minimize the production of stress and to prevent the cracking of the soldering spot.
  • Because only the blade moves ( the PCB board to be cut is fixed), this model is specially designed for both PC boards with through hole and super-thin PC boards.
  • This motor is secured against electrical leakage. ( Note: An ordinary induced AC motor often endures the trouble of about 10W electrical leakage, therefore, if resistance, IC, transistor or electronic parts contacts the motor, it may pass through the motor).
  • Under the sufficiently supplies illumination and protected by the emergency braking device, the operator can steadily control the distance of moving blade with a push button and a foot switch. Both the upper and the bottom blades made of imported high-speed steel ensure high strength and durability. Each cutter ensures at least 100-day service life under the condition of 8-hour working per day. A cutter can endure 7 to 10 times sharpening.
  • This model is space-saving, compact and lightweight.
  • Can be easy operated ensuring high safety and accuracy and easy maintenance.
  • Customers request for PC boards with extraordinarily high or long parts is accepted.

  • Size:(L)780 x (W)380 x (H)400 mm,Weight :45Kgs
  • Voltage:110V or 220V AC 50/60HZ
  • Range of PCB thickness:0.6mm ~ 2.0mm,Max. cutting length:400mm
  • Cutting Range:400 mm
  • Max. height of the components on the top of foundation board:20mm
  • Max. height of the componentson the bottom of foundation board:10mm
  • Speed:300mm length/minute, adjustable