PCB V-cut Depaneling Machine
        V-CUT Blade-moving type PCB Depaneling Machine >> Product No. : NTG-430


  • With no banding stress design idea to operate V-Cut PCB separated process. Lay down PC board.Rotary movement blade, Separated PCB without stress.
  • Cutting process is adjustable in stage. PC board separated very fast, Operated with D.C. motor without carbon brush.
  • The cutting force is stably. The speed of blade is adjustable.
  • Line with the V-cut flute and apart PC board.
  • Round blade and long knife bottom side could be adjust slightly.
  • The blade and knife could be re-sharpened, Special design for odd type component across the cutting flute is available suitable for separate long and short size PC board.
  • Precision and durable mechanism.

  • Power°GAC 110 / 220 V 50 / 60HZ
  • Dimension°G780 °— 400 °— 450mm,Weight°G45 KGS
  • Blade Route°G430mm / Max,Blade Size°G°Ū145mm
  • Down- Blade Size°G500mm
  • Blade Speed°G500mm/sec
  • PCB Cut Thickness°G0.5 ~ 3.2mm
  • *NTG-430NS----with Free charge belt transmission instrument