PCB Lead Cutter/Brushing Machine
        Automatic Twin Blades PCB Lead Cutter >> Product No. : KA-22


  • Double blades design to trim the extra long leads automatically and with additional brushing system. The effective cutting area up to 420mm.
  • The PCB residues after soldering and leads adhere on the boards after trimming can be easily removed by the equipped brush system.
  • Equipped with adjustable warp correction device in which correct the warp condition of PCB before soldering process.
  • The inlet and outlet bridge conveyors are optional selectable which flexible for connecting the wave soldering machine and conveyor line.
  • The Tungsten Carbide Blade is excluded in the machine.

  • Machine Size:270(L) x 120(W) x 110(H) cm
  • Power:220V 50/60HZ
  • Net Weight:350Kgs
  • Spindle Speed:4500 RPM
  • HP:3/4 HP
  • Conveyor Speed:0 - 3 m
  • Min. Lead Height:1.0mm Min.