Strip/Tube Cutter
        Programmable desk-top cutter >> Product No. : XD-1000


  • High quality Alloy steel SKH-2 is used for cutting blade, durable and long life.
  • Micro-Processor controlled stepping motor is installed to program the operation. Fully automatic for both batch or individual runs.
  • Programmable for cutting length and speed control in the panel.
  • With build in counter with function of automatic counting and pre-stop.
  • For cutting operation of various thin material such as flexible tubing, insulation paper, cables, metal film etc.

  • Dimension(mm):280x220x270
  • Net Weight:21.5 kgs
  • Max. Cutting Width:60mm
  • Max. Cutting Length:99999mm
  • Cuts/Min.:30-80
  • Motor:25W